Obscure Computers: G-15 technical miscellany

This set of documents deals with miscellaneous Customer Engineering topics. They were orginally with G-15D serial number 186 in Houston, Texas.

It is a complete miscellany -- many documents are hand-modified, most likely by the Houston CE.

acidtest.gif is a list of spare package "acid test" locations that are essential to diagnosing individual cards.

blockdia.gif is a block diagram of the computer.

cmwave.gif is a hand-drawn "CM" waveform. I include it in case it clarifies anything, but I doubt it.

fanmotor.gif is a note on where to buy replacement fan motors. Included "just in case" they're still in business :-)

headposn.gif is a line drawing of head arrangement around the drum. This is basically another view of information contained in the technical manual.

numtrack.gif is a rendering of an actual printout, probably made on one of the Houston machines. I do not know to which machine it applies, or indeed, if to all of them.

partlst*.gif are "G15 Manufacturers & Bendix Computer Division Parts List" pages. These apply to the main machine.

periphpn.gif is Customer Engineering part numbers assigned for parts numbers for various peripherals. (Ignore the G-20 parts numbers, this must have been a combined list.)

svckitp*.gif are "Service Kit -- Part List" pages. Pages 1 & 2 are missing.

tubedata.gif is a quick guide to the vacuum tubes used in the G-15.

Scanned by Mark Linimon, linimon@lonesome.com, 1/11/2000.